At the age of five I decided that I would be an artist. Over the years other interests would challenge this choice; the desire to be an oceanographer, a tree, and a brief but serious period during university where I considered giving up my art degree after falling in love with neuro-anatomy, but throughout it all, art always won out.

Today, my interests encompass many arts and crafts. A sufferer of typical artistic ADD, I bounce from drawing, painting, and photography to creating jewelry and elaborate hair pieces (and everything in between). Both a belly and a hoop dancer, this inspires many of my creations. Other influences include mermaids, music and literature, faeries, steampunk, circus arts, henna, nature, paganism and all things slightly dark and creepy.

When not in the faerie worlds, I live in Toronto, Canada where I share a house with my husband in which we are ruled by our three cats (Buffy, Willow, and Xander).
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a degree in psychology.

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