a little winter faerie coming your way

Hiya peeps!

My life has been filled with Halloween and anniversary celebrations (and vet appointments for our Xander kitty who is now doing fine -yay!).
I have managed to fit in plenty of making time as well and many new listings are up in my shop including some items in my winter faerie collection, with more on the way there - hoping to take photos this weekend.

Hope your Samhain celebrations were delightfully spooky and fun!

p.s. apparently photos don't want to load from my device right now, so I will post some when I am able to get to my desktop.

p.p.s pictures now available (in case you couldn't tell). And yes, I know I could have simply removed the bit about how the photos weren't here before, but that's not how I roll.  Stop trying to change how my brain works people! ;)


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