the name game

I am thankful for the time we spent together, but I am pretty vacant girl no more.

After toying with the idea of a name change for a couple years, only to quickly give up when what I wanted wasn't available, I decided it was time to dive in and just go for it.  And by dive in, I mean stress myself out and drive everyone around me so nuts that I have very few friends left to text as I have been blocked by what I am sure is some mysterious phone virus.

Now I am alone and suffering from some version of buyers remorse.  Since putting all the name changes for my shop in place, I am questioning everything and staring longingly at my old name and logos.  However, for better or for worse, I am following The Curious Nixie and seeing where this fresh creature leads.

Everything should be a fairly smooth transition.  I was able to simply change my name on all sites so anyone following should be re-directed.  Only Facebook is requiring a transition time, but if all goes as planned it should be flipped over early next week and I will get it linked back in to this site.

Until next time, here are a couple of recent items in my Etsy shop:


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